About This Project


“Homeless is poignant, warm, and personal, crafted from hand-drawn and hand-painted media, transformed into digital animation, then projection-mapped in a way that seems to bring São Paulo’s alleyways and streets alive. Characters dance and run across the urban landscape, with a convincing blend of simulated movement and real, moving projection. It really is cinema, fusing a story with the projection-mapped setting.”


Director: VJ Suave
Art Direction: VJ Suave
Character Design: VJ SuaveDante Zaballa
Character Animation: Dante Zaballa
Animation: VJ Suave
Music: Juan Tortarolo
Edition: Guillermo Coube, VJ Suave
Camera: Rafael Garcia
Camera assistant: Joao Maia
Producer: Juliana Borges
Supported by MTV

homeless_vjsuave_2011_02_1100 homeless_vjsuave_2011_03_1100
homeless_vjsuave_2011_04_1100 homeless_vjsuave_2011_1100


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