Brazilian Folklore stories

About This Project

Folk tales from all around Brazil, animated to teach kids and adults about the Brasilian culture.

In this installation we seek to create a space for imagination, experiencing the sensations of legends. The presence of magical beings passing among us. The feel of the dark, the wind, the rain, the celebration. Feel the energy surrounding nature.

saci perere vjsuave




This is the space of the enchanted: the beings that inhabit nature. These magical beings were created from stories and Brazilians sayings, mixture of Indigenous, African and Portuguese legends. They are part of Brazilian culture.

Characters created to explain unexplained phenomena. To fit into extraordinary animals descriptions. What was difficult to understand, was explained by tales. The enchanted of the folklore are the heroes of Brazilian woods and waters – are those that are there to protect nature.

The soundscape was recorded in magical places of Brasilian nature. We join na ve instruments with synthesizers and sourround technology to compose an audiovisual experience. We work the sound on top of each frame anima on. The experience is fun, playful and colorful.

Immerse yourself in Brazilian folklore.

Director: VJ Suave / Ceci Soloaga e Ygor Marotta
Script: VJ Suave / Roberta Nader
Motion Graphics: VJ Suave / Juan Herrera Prado / Aline Valim
Animation: VJ Suave / Paulo Stoker / Juli Soloaga / Cof
Tagtool: VJ Suave / Bruno Greatti
Sound: Jaime Almeida Simões aka bmind

Animation, caixa cultural, Projection Mapping